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Martin Oelrich GmbH & Co. KG

Martin Logistic Spółka z o.o. sp.k.
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  after-sales logistics
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  stock management system
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Martin Logistics offers services to Clients who have chosen to outsource the logistic services. This solution lets the Client maintain the logistic costs proportionally to the value of the sales. Our company has more than 5000 square meters of warehouse space at disposal with various storage conditions and thanks to the experience gained on both local and international markets we provide our Client with comprehensive logistic services:

• warehousing: both rack and block storage
• electronic stock recording
• stock packaging and customizing
• shipment crossdocking and consolidation
• organization of deliveries to distribution centers
• stock distribution to Clients
• returnable packagings management
• individualized logistic solutions
• within HACCAP
• for construction chemicals (wet products)

Our Contracting Parties single us out for our professional attitude and business flexibility.


Martin Logistic has a professional transport fleet and experienced forwarding staff who will support you in terms of transport planning and execution.

We offer professional in-country transport services available across the whole country along with transport organization support services provided by our experienced team, who cut their teeth working with multiple large and well-known companies. Our company has also extensive experience in international transport, mostly in Western Europe. We hold all the licenses and permissions required to provide such international forwarding and transport services. We organize transport of goods in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Balkans.

We provide vehicles equipped with GPS units which enable constant monitoring of the load, in addition to the following trailer types: curtainside trailer, coil trailer, refrigerated trailer with the loading capacity of 25 tons and cubic volume of 92m3. Additionally, our offering includes transport services for loose materials, conducted using silos trailer with the capacity of 27 tons.

We guarantee safe and timely transport for:

• pallet loads
• partial and whole-vehicle loads
• controlled temperature loads
• loose loads

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